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Lawn Watering Tips

May 12th, 2015 by Advanced Pest Related Services

We are receiving only trace amounts of rain in Central Florida at this time. Our lawns can become very dry if not watered properly. We recommend watering your lawn during the cool, morning hours twice a week.

Watering your lawn properly is only one element for a healthy, green lawn. Call today to set an appointment with our professional lawn technician. He can offer you insect protection, weed management and fertilization to get your lawn looking its best.


Protect yourself from biting midges

April 29th, 2015 by Advanced Pest Related Services

Midges, also known as no-see-ums, are similar to gnats but they leave their mark in the form of a bite.  They can really ruin an evening outside when they begin to appear at dusk during the months of March through November.  One sure way to cut down on these pests is to add a lawn and shrub package to your pest control services.

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How to Prevent Palmetto Bugs

April 24th, 2015 by Advanced Pest Related Services

Palmetto bugs are common in Florida during the Spring season when there is more rain. Palmetto bugs live in the damp mulch and leaves around your home but when it rains they can start to show up in your house. To prevent them from doing so, you should keep your leaves raked and seal any gaps around your windows and doors. You should also hire a reliable pest control company that can treat for these insects. Call today for your free estimate!